Message from the admission team

We look forward to making the application and enrollment process a positive experience for you. Our Admission team recognizes the importance of choosing the best school for your child. NIC offers the IB program system of education to support each student’s needs. NIC subscribes to the educational philosophy of respect for the individuality of each student.

Admission Age and Approximate Curriculum Equivalent

Kinder garden Minimum age at 1st if October Equivalent
EYP1 2,6 Nursery Pre-k
EYP2 3,6 Pre-k KG1
EYP3 4,6 Kindergarden KG2
Primary Minimum age at 1st if October Equivalent
PYP1 5,6 1st Primary GR1
PYP2 6,6 2nd Primary GR2
PYP3 7,6 3st Primary GR3
PYP4 8,6 4th Primary GR4
PYP5 9,6 5th Primary GR5
PYP6 10,6 6th Primary GR6
Preparatory Minimum age at 1st if October Equivalent
MYP2 11,6 1st Preparatory GR7
MYP3 12,6 2nd Preparatory GR8
MYP4 13,6 3rd Preparatory GR9
MYP2 14,6 4th Preparatory GR10

Required Documents For Enrollment:

Application Form

Contact Info


NIC Front office: 02 2560 8445

Admission: 010-11986701



New Cairo , Fifth District , (S5-1) Beside Quba Mosque Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt 11853

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